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Why I opted for an iPhone after using Android for over past 7 Years

Rather than going into Technical Jargon, I would like to just try to point-out the simple day-to-day usage points what led me to choose an iPhone after using different Android devices over past 7 Years. (The first Android Device i used had Eclair installed into it)

Just to let you know I was a die-hard fan of Android and Samsung Flagship devices and had spent a lot on Samsung flagships in past 7 years.

iPhone Vs Android

One of my friends handed me over an iPhone 5 (yes that old one), I wanted to test some apps that our development team used to be working upon. I started using that phone as a secondary phone along with a Samsung flagship phone as my primary phone.

Things I noticed after using that 4 generation down iPhone:


First thing that I noticed when I initially started using an iPhone was it was damn responsive. You click on any icons and that app launches instantly without any lags. Not just on an empty iPhone but even after I have installed more than 20 apps to the phone. That was the first thing which I noticed and which impressed me.

Simple But Easy User Interface

Next thing which I noticed is the User Interface. I used iPhone 4 previously and the user interface of iPhone devices are more or less very same, just to mention the control panel bit changed after iOS 11 update in my iPhone 6s, but besides you can pickup any iPhone device of any generation and you will get that same and simple user interface which is a boon in disguise.

Seamless Syncing

If you use other Mac devices for Work like I do have MacBook Air as my personal notebook and MacMini as my office desktop, you will experience a seamless syncing between this devices if you are using same apple ID on all this devices and that makes your work a lot easier. Trust Me.

Superb Multitasking

Not to mention you can very easily switch between more than 10 open apps side by side by long-pressing the home button, and you wont experience any speed lagging or loss of data while you switch between those apps.

Camera Features

iPhone’s camera technology is way ahead then their competition, however I am not a big fan of Night-Photography or Low Light photography on iPhone. I like my Samsung device for night photography and still prefer to use it. But if you compare the day photos you will notice a huge difference. I even like the live photos feature that was introduced from iPhone 6s which I currently own one with 64GB of memory. It will click 1.5 seconds of live photos which you can later edit to pick the best shot.


Apart from this points I am not going to mention the drawbacks of the android counterpart as the difference is much visibly noticeable if you try an iPhone device for a few days.

Your feedback and views would tend me to test my iPhone with some more ideas so I am waiting for your comments below. Lets discuss..!!

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