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Ways to find good and cheap accommodation for new comers in Sydney, NSW Australia

Cheap Accommodation in Sydney

Finding a first rental accommodation in Sydney can be challenging, specially if you are travelling here for the first time and more importantly you don’t have more contacts that can help you out here in your hunt for a cheap accommodation in sydney.

Are you coming to Sydney for the first time and worried about finding an accommodation?

You might be a Student coming for your Bachelors or Masters here in Sydney and don’t have contacts to find accommodation when you arrive?

Or you are coming to Sydney for some work purpose and don’t want to spend heavy on hotels?

Arriving on a Working Holiday Visa?

There are few ways you can use in order to get a rental or temporary accommodation right from your current country of residence:

1. Find a Shared Accommodation using websites like flatmates or gumtree

It can be your first resort of finding a good shared accommodation from This website has become more popular in recent days and people are widely using this website to find their next flatmates from this website.
This can be your chance to find some likeminded people and seal that deal.

Don’t just register and search for the accommodations on this website, I would recommend you create a Listing on this website with all the requested information like a brief intro about you and for how long you are looking to stay in that place.

Do not forget to add your budget and area preferences in order to get curated responses from people sharing their homes from those areas.

Once you have posted your listing, you will start getting responses through messages as well as you can then directly contact people who have posted their listings for renting their rooms or houses.

This website has all kind of cheap accommodation in sydney available along with a chance of knowing new people when you arrive in a new country.

Note: Please discuss all the house rules and other financial things like Rent, Bond, Notice period, etc before finalising anything.

2. Join Active Facebook Groups

Facebook is widely used here in Australia than any other social platforms. Specially when it comes to socialise with other migrants it can be very helpful.
There are few active Facebook groups which you can join and post your needs and I am fairly sure you will get some good responses and honest helping hands as I have myself experienced the power of those groups as they are like a close community.

Below are few FB groups which you can join: ( Please follow the group guidelines and policies which are usually mentioned there when you join)

Post your requests in a polite and detailed manner in order to get good responses from people actually wanting to help.

I wish you get your first accommodation as easily as possible and if you still find any difficulty please comment below in the comments section and I will try to connect you with any contacts.

3. From Peer-to-peer Marketplaces

Two of the best known and frequently used marketplaces are Airbnb and Stayz. If you are have less time to find a shared or private accomodation and want to settle somewhere for a week and then find a good place then this marketplaces are best for finding temporary accomodation. My tip here would be search for stays bit away from the CBD or central locations around 30-50 minutes travel, you can find much cheaper options to start with.

4. Hostel Accomodations starting as low as AUD $30

If you can accomodate yourself in dorms or similar living arrangements then there are great cheaper options available. Below is the website that has most options as I have noticed.


P.S. If you have found some other good source to find cheap accommodation in sydney which is not listed above, please leave it below in the comment section so I can update this post with more options which can be helpful for someone coming for the first time.
Your comments and feedback welcomed.

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