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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (750) upgrade to ICS 4.0.4 Review

Hello Gigs,

Just before 3 4 days got my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Upgraded with official Ice-Cream Sandwitch 4.0.4 version. I would like to say its impressive with certain drawbacks.


Firstly the new GUI of ICS as compared to HoneyComb is way awesome. Just loved the transitions and new Icons, effects, design, etc.

I am also greatly impressed by how the Touchwiz UI has been improved in this version. Its way better than Honeycomb.


But the major drawbacks i felt are the Battery Life got reduced to nearly 40% of honeycomb.. This really sucks.

And other feature we were expecting was the Calling feature from the tablet which was not provided into Honeycomb as there was no Telephony available there just SMSing..  and same thing they did for the ICS 4.0.4 by which i am bit disappointed and soon planning to sell my device and get new one with telephony available.


All and all its a neutral happiness for me by this upgrade.. Hope this helps to people who haven’t upgraded yet and thinking to upgrade.


Have a Good Time Gigs.. 🙂

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