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Redesign of our Designing Venture Website

xemedesign2Hello folks..! How you been doing these days? Sorry for disappearing like this, was too much stucked with loads of work, also was not able to tweet or do any socializing event for myself..

Anyways, we were lastly busy in redesigning our Web Designing Venture’s website, I was very curious on its redesign as our clients generally look over it before contacting us, so that becomes like our client communication basis..

Hopefully we have now completed the redesigning and reimplementation of our website, still thats a Beta version if we see the functionality.. Oh i forgot to mention the name of our venture its “Xeme Designs” (A Xeme IT Solutions Venture).

You can visit the site here at Please let me know the feedback if you visit the site, i really want to have some feedbacks on how you feel after looking the website.. Any of your good or bitter comments are always welcomed..

And yes now, I will be keeping you updated with the things going on around us. Hope you all have a nice time. See Ya Later..!

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