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Microsoft Sites Not Opening On Any Browser In Local Network or on Server

Hello Gigs,

Recently before a month I had configured a LAN network using a 24 Port Asus Switch. The server is loaded with Windows server 2003 R2 and has CCProxy installed on it for sharing internet over other client computers which run on Windows XP/7.

Everything was flawless in the setup although after the setup I noticed one thing while i was browsing for some help, Any of the microsoft websites were not opening onto any browser on the network or on server..

Either they show a blank page with their status in status bar as ‘Done’, or it will give some XML Parsing Error which we see while testing our ASP.Net Applications. Strange..!!!

After a bit surfing on the internet I found its solution. For tackling this issue you will need to do some tweaks into your server machine and not on any client machines as they are working they should.

Just open up your servers’ Services by going into Run -> services.msc

Find DNS Client Service from the list and Stop the service and then Disable it.

Open up your browser and type into address bar and Voila…!!!! Its working…

Hope it works for you all those who facing same problem..!!!

13 thoughts on “Microsoft Sites Not Opening On Any Browser In Local Network or on Server”

  1. Hello, I have windows xp service pack 2 installed on compaq presario v2000, and i did as you mentioned here.. but still microsoft sites are not opening whereas every website is opening ..what to do ?

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