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Magento – Images Not Appearing on Frontend as well as Backend on Godaddy Server

Hi all Magento Gigs,

Recently I uploaded one of my projects which I was working on my local computer into a clients Godaddy Hosting Server.

Everything went good with the transfer site got running with minor tweaks in .htaccess files and php.ini file tweaks suggested in the .htaccess file of Magento root directory.

But after this I noticed that None of my product images are displaying as it should both in admin backend and on frontend of website. When i tried visiting the image path e.g., it returned a 404 Not Found Error for all product images although the images are on the correct location and provided correct path.

I surfed many help sites with many of the suggestions and tried everything but that was not working for me and finally after a lot of hectic trials i got the solution for it.

Just Rename your .htaccess file inside the /media directory to .htaccess-old. This will absolutely resolve your image issue.

I hope this will help many of you and you will not have to surf plenty of sites for such an issue.

232 thoughts on “Magento – Images Not Appearing on Frontend as well as Backend on Godaddy Server”

  1. Hello Sir,

    really Sir it is properly working. I can’t believe it,incredible.
    a small change and What a result.
    Thank You sir I was trying a long time.

    Thanks a lot sir.
    Firoz Khan

  2. Thanks! Worked for me. This isn’t the first .htaccess error (or other error) I’ve had with GoDaddy. Remind me to warn clients against it for e-commerce sites.

    1. Yeah, i surfed on internet for this problem quite many hours and so thought to post this as i think its a common issue with godaddy and magento…

    1. No, this htaccess file was for security of images directory but on godaddy it causes side-effects so better remove it and i havent come accross a situation where i would require that file..!! πŸ™‚

  3. I have same problem that images not showing in front and backend side though its upload successfully. I have tried to apply your solution and found that there is no .htaccess file inside media folder. in my case its works fine on localhost but not working on server please help.

  4. @Shailesh I guess the .htaccess file is hidden when you view the Media folder.. In some cases in Filezilla or cpanel’s file manager it dosnt show .htaccess file due to its settings. Hope this helps…

  5. Hi have a similar problem with images not showing on backend or frontend. Tried renaming .htaccess but the problem remains. Any ideas?

  6. Hi all

    I am getting same problem.But mine is little different.I am able to display some images and some doesn’t show up.How can I solve this issue.

  7. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I’ve spent hours looking for a solution and you saved me hours more!!!

  8. This worked! THANKS!

    What worries me though is that I didn’t have this issue until a week ago. Did suddenly by magic a .htaccess file appear in my media directory?

    Does anyone know, how such files can just appear? Is this caused by my web provider?

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  10. Holy &%$#!!!

    After wasting 3+ hours and acquiring a massive headache, you were able to solve my problem with a 20 second file rename.

    I can’t Thank You enough.


    No matter if you’re not on godaddy but if you have problems viewing pictures or only png pictures all you have to do if you use filezilla for instance in ftp conncetions is to SWITCH TO AUTO transfer mode (NOT ASCII). reupload an image and test it with a direct link using binary mode.


  12. i never do this but after HOURS of searching and changing things i came across your solution. it worked and i felt compelled to write in. thank you! hopefully youll find a $20 bill on the ground as good karma.

  13. hello i have solution of this error
    without delete or RENAME we can solve it .

    go to media/htaccess files and open this is notepad or dreamviewer and than go to first line .
    Options All -Indexes
    REPLACE this by
    #Options All -Indexes

    hurry now refresh the page now you will see all images of media folder

    kushagra (magneto developer)

  14. Thank you very much.I really searched alot for this fix and finally your solution work perfectly for “Magento images uploading issue in godaddy hosting”.

    Once again thank you very much for your help.

  15. I had this problem too! Looked every and tried removal of .htacces in /media folder. Finally i noticed that the cached folders where renamed “A” instead of “a” during upload. Very strange, but true!!!

    after changing all files in the product folders to lowercase and flushing cache images were coming back!

  16. Dear Sir,

    After spending countless hours on the internet and asking different people who claim to be programmers I ended up here at your website and found the solution.


    Best Regards,
    Khurram From Pakistan

  17. In response to my former post of March 6th. You have to go to /media/catalog/product in your magento installation.

    There you will find a lot of cached folders where the cached images reside. In my case some of the folders were called ‘A’ instead of ‘a’.

    On my old server this wasn’t a problem but on our new server it caused a problem. The images were not shown for the products with a cached image in a folder with a capital letter.

    After changing all the folder from e.g. ‘S’ to ‘s’ the images were shown instantly.

    Maybe this will help…..


  18. This works like a charm. Thanks for sharing

    works on Magento v1.5.1.0, never thought this simple step would make a big change. πŸ™‚ kudos!


  19. After a whole days research for this question, My solutions is change the permissions for folder media to writable, sloved!

    Hope this can help you

  20. Thanks you so much… πŸ˜€
    i have been search in in two days and no resolve my problem,,,thanks… πŸ˜€

  21. mad props to you
    thank god im using godaddy but will change
    i’ve been searching this info for many days
    and thank god i found you πŸ˜€

  22. YESSSSSSSSSS IT WORKED!!! If you are having problems make sure you change all of the file permisions in the media folder for all the files and directories to 777. Then change the htaccess file to htacess-old.

  23. i am uploading product from admin panel in magento. but after uploading all the things my product does not show up in front end.actually what i did previous is i upload products from csv file and that also not works. i delete .htaccess file from media/import folder.i given 777 permission to media folder but still i dint get perfect solution for my problem, anybody expert who can solve my problem

  24. Great!!! This is the best solution that worked for me. I was up to weee hours of the morning trying to get this to work. Trying different suggestions from other forum with no resolve. Today, I even uninstalled and re-installed Magento just in case I messed something up. No resolve.

    But this simple changed FIXED my problem. NOTE: I do not use Godaddy for my hosting company.

    Thank you for this post it really helped me!!!

  25. Hi,

    Just found out a better solution. Just comment out the first line of .htaccess in /media folder.


    Options All -Indexes


    #Options All -Indexes


  26. thanks man. i developed a custom import extension and even if the code created the images and attached them to the products they were not displaying in backend or frontend.
    your solution saved the day.

    many thanks!

  27. Yes it worked for me too. But I’m wondering if we renamed the .htaccess file won’t there be any security issue in this particular folder ?

  28. Hi,
    I have to download images from server Image files download code is written in php and it’s the files from the other server but when i give may magento store image path it’s show file not found.

  29. Hi Everyone ,
    I have a big problem i have uploaded the image it is showing in front end but when go to again admin to edit product detail and see image section the image not appearing there and after save image also not showing in front end it’s mean that the images automatically deleted when i update the product. Please help ASAP.

  30. AWESOME! Thanks for help.
    please remember to:
    1) set proper file permissions on media, var, and app/etc directories…
    2) rename the folder /media/catalog/product/cache to _cache
    3) go to system>>cache_management and refresh all
    4) go to system>>index_management and reindex all

    Then it should all work (granted the .htaccess file is renamed).

  31. multiple image not being displayed in frontend

    Thank you for the advice, I have another problem I am not being able to view multiple image at front end, when i click on the image the next page is blank please suggest

  32. Hi,
    thousand thanks! After days of search for the problem you made my day!
    It seems to depend on the provder. I never had this stupid error before.


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  34. How can i transfer magento from localserver to live?
    And is there any changes in .htaccess file after transfering the files to live?

  35. Hi, ive found that your method solve most everyone here. but not mine. but i really need your help. i cant display any image neither in frontend nor backend. event banners also cant be display

  36. Man, I jumped so high! Thanks a zillion! Don’t actually know what kind of server it’s hosted on, nevertheless it’s solved!

  37. Thanks for sharing the solution viraljetani.

    I can see my image from the browser but when I upload the CSV file to import my products Magento doesn’t seem to be pulling the image for a specific product. All other product information is uploaded by not the image.

    I have the image uploaded to my server. for the image i am using this path: /filename.jpg.


  38. Hello Viral,

    You are the best man. Thank you. Thank you so much. I spent hours on the internet but did not get a solution. Could not have figured it out without your help.

    Thank you again!!!

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