Hello people, Just got the shocking and sad news regarding Mr. Stephen Covey’s demise, I was really sad by this as he truly inspired me in many ways.

I remember its before few months when I was there in a meeting with Dr. Kalpit Sanghvi regarding IT Association formation for Saurashtra Kutch region in Gujarat. I was quite unclear with how I was dealing the Association formation and its basic management as I was really new to the world of Associations and dealing with such public community in real, though have managed many on FB and Orkut before.

While discussion on several things, Kalpit sir informed regarding some key points from Mr. Stephen Covey’s book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’  and also referred me his book as he himself was much inspired by Mr. Covey’s thoughts. I am very thankful to Kalpit sir for his suggestion and that personal discussion.

The next day I ordered the book from Indiaplaza.com and it got delivered on time. I started reading it and the things I got after reading few starting pages was unbelievable. It was really great to know how we can change our outer world by just changing our Inside world.

I came to know regarding Thinking Perspectives and Personal Constitution, and many a lot of things that helped me personally and professionally. Mr. Stephen became one of the inspirational guru for me.

He changed the lives of many people like me who were working to achieve any kind of success whether it is personal or professional. He left the world but his inspirational preaching and work will always be remembered. He will always be with me in my thoughts, in my success, in all of my achievements in life.

R.I.P Mr. Stephen Covey (October 1932 – July 2012)