Hello Gigs, How are you all? I hope well..

Well recently downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and installed into my personal machine at home. For those who still havent downloaded you can get the iso file here on Microsoft site for Windows 8 Consumer Preview .


My installation went great, it was swift and faster though. ( The new fish type logo or image looks fishy while it was installing Win 8… lol). Everything went good and i successfully got it installed on my machine.


But after the system started i notice 1 big loop-hole in it.. The CD/DVD drive Icon was not there in My Computer.. None was found into my Device Manager..


After much of googling on Microsoft forums and other sites I found its simple solution: Just unplug the cable of the CD/DVD drive from motherboard port and plug in into the next available port into the motherboard.. Restart the system and Yeyyy…!!! It worked for me.. Thought to share with you all..


Let me know about any other issues you are facing with the Install.. Lets figure them out together.. 🙂